The history of our small but fine boutique begins in 1972 when I moved to the fashion mecca London. Not long after my arrival I began working in the fashion department of the infamous HARRODS department store. It blew my mind, an entire floor full of fashion boutiques!
This experience during the sunset of “swinging London” of the 60s had a long-lasting effect on my passion for fashion and collective diversity.

In 1976 I returned to Germany and became the representative of a few very trendy Italian brands of these times. Through my new line of work I was introduced to a new aspect of the business and developed a special affection for the Italian world of fashion.

Simultaneously, I took the leap to opening my own fashion boutique in spring 1977, which after a brief stop in the pedestrian zone of Wiesbaden eventually moved to the old town.
Quickly the boutique became the magnet for fashion lovers of the entire Rhein-Main-Area.
A lot of our customers still swoon about the legendary t-shirts and jeans by the brand Fiorucci.

Of course I also needed a name for my new project – obviously I wasn’t too fond of Klausi’s Boutique and such creations. After a few hours of thought, the brand was gifted to us by a happy coincidence: the label of a jeansrock by Fiorucci fell into my hands. The item was called “LIVENZA”. This resonated with me – and so LIVENZA was born.

In 1992, my lovely wife joined me also in business. Her vigorous support and love for fashion has a big impact on the success of our boutique ever since.

All along, personal and individual advice is strongly emphasized at LIVENZA.
On our regular trips to Bologna and Paris we are in search of the newest trends since the first day and lately also extended our focus to the scandinavian fashion world.

Through our hand picked selection of up-to-date brands and collections we are presenting you only the best pieces in our boutique. This is how we steadily reinvent ourselves since 1977 and continue to be always on the pulse of “fashion-time”.